South Pocatello, Idaho 

Real Estate and Community Information

Pocatello, Idaho is a mid-sized city that serves as the county seat for Bannock County in the southeastern part of the state. As of the 2010 census, the city was the 5th largest in the state with a population of 54,000 residents. In 1962, Pocatello absorbed a town on the southern side of the city called Alameda. The portion that was absorbed is now considered south Pocatello. South Pocatello is more of a residential area where people raise families, enjoy good schools and are active in the various offerings by the parks and recreation department. If the suburban life in a beautiful setting combined with the opportunity for a successful career in Pocatello seem like the right fit for you, then you need to contact Gina Call today so she can begin the quest to find you the right home for sale in south Pocatello Idaho. She can always be reached through email or phone.

History of Pocatello

The city of Pocatello was once one of the main stops on the very first railroad. As this was during the time of the gold rush, there was a high demand for the stop for goods and supplies. After a while, it became a hub for agriculture and farming because of its ideal location on the Snake Mountain Plains as well as on the Portneuf River. Pocatello was booming as a key residential and commercial town starting in the year 1882. The entire town is rich in history being a part of the Oregon Trail continues to offer historic significance in and around the town.

Parks, Recreation and Attractions

The Pocatello Parks and Rec strive to keep everybody in town active. They know that the key to happy and healthy residents lie with as active as they become and stay. This is why the department offers not only team sports opportunities for youth, but for adults as well. Some of the youth programs include volleyball, basketball and baseball while the adult programs include co-rec programs like co-rec volleyball and soccer as well as women’s volleyball and men’s and women’s basketball. For more information on the various sports teams that are offered in and around Pocatello, go to 

In addition to the sports teams, the parks and rec department is also in charge of various parks, trails and attractions in the city like the East Mink Creek Nordic Center, which is actually located just outside of town. This center offers about 20K acres of trails where residents and visitors can skate or cross country ski. There is also an indoor aquatic facility where people can go enjoy the pools and participate in various aquatic activities all year long. The zoo is another popular attraction where you can learn about all of the wildlife that calls the west home including Grizzly Bears, Buffalo, Mountain Lions and more.


The most popular event in Pocatello has made national headlines as it has to do with an unusual law: The winter of 1948 was a difficult one for the area and the residents all seemed down and the mayor wanted to make sure the city was a happy place to live. So, he passed a law that made it illegal not to smile. The law helped and the people loved the celebration so it kept. Years later the law was found to still be valid so today, the city continues to celebrate the smile law with various contests and celebrations as well as a special type of “jail” for those who are found to be breaking the law by not smiling.

Smile day is not the only event in Pocatello; in fact, it is a tight knit and bustling town that embraces the people and the area. For a more complete listing of everything that is going on in Pocatello, go to the city website where you will find the community calendar. This calendar is found at

The city of Pocatello is a fun place to live where you will always have something fun to do as well as history to learn about. When you find a place in South Pocatello, you find the scenery and peaceful quiet that you have been longing for while being minutes away from the community-centered town of Pocatello. Contact Gina Call now so you can start your new life in your new home.